Scala Experts

We are Scala experts and have been working with Scala and related technologies for years. We can handle everything from Content Management Systems written in Play to an intricate system of microservices in Lagom or complex Spark jobs on massive datasets. We contribute to diverse Scala open source projects and present at numerous conferences. Using our software development services in Scala, your company can save both valuable time and precious resources by guaranteeing your application is well tested and designed.

Our expert developers have significant experience with programming in Scala and are always excited about the simplicity and power that Scala offers. We vow to make your software bug free and progressive in nature.

Streaming Data in Scala

We are experts in streaming technologies, with in-depth knowledge of the Lightbend Akka platform and CloudFlow. We integrate data processing applications on different platforms, connecting sources and sinks with data analysis, storage, and notification systems. We master usage of tools like Kafka, Flink and Spark, Akka Streams, monitoring systems.

With our knowledge of Streaming and Distributed systems, we can help your organisation architecture and implement a flexible set of resilient and performant Data Streaming applications for your real-time processing needs.

Data Science

We are experienced scientists with solid engineering knowledge to help exploit data. Our view of data science is to bring data knowledge to the production stage, taking the target environment constraints into high consideration. We can provide Data Science expertise to model your data and discover valuable facets from statistics, Machine Learning or AI. We then integrate these models with applications in order to deploy them in a reliable and repeatable fashion, on the target architecture. Whether your model will run on a large cluster or within a micro-controller, we productize the model to make the best version to run live.

We are familiar with tools in different languages, and for different environments, including Spark ML on distributed systems, Tensorflow on GPUs or Lite, we use Python, R and JVM languages, in Jupyter notebooks as well as traditional IDEs.

Use cases can span different types, for example automated detection of objects in images, optimization of supply chains or industrial processes, predictive maintenance, or recommendation systems.

Other Lunatech Group Services

Lunatech is an international group with offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Paris. We can bring together a wider range of expertise on your projects, including:

Java development, Systems Integration, DevOps, Big Data, and Front-End